Video is the New Flipchart!

Rapid Video Development for Trainers meets the needs of companies and individuals who are thinking about or have dabbled in video production.



Rapid Video Development for Trainers meets the needs of companies and individuals who are thinking about or have dabbled in video production. Although producing focused, high quality video is well within the capability of nearly every talent development professional, the skill sets required to do so have not traditionally fallen within most trainers’ job descriptions.

This is where Rapid Video Development comes in: a comprehensive tutorial covering every aspect of web-based video development, this book provides both the theoretical overview and the nuts-and-bolts instructions for creating professional quality video quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Written specifically for trainers by a 20-year media industry veteran who has worked in Europe, America, and Asia, Rapid Video Development explains in clear, non-technical language everything you need to know to create exceptionally instructive, cost-effective video yourself.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • the opportunities presented to trainers by the advent of inexpensive digital technology
  • the principles, psychology, and philosophies behind effective video
  • what constitutes an appropriate situation in which to utilize video as a training medium
  • the various, distinct layers (visual, spoken word, music and sound effects, and more) that comprise an effective, high quality video
  • techniques for using effects to enhance—rather than detract from—the impact of your video
  • designing and implementing an efficient, productive workflow
  • thorough coverage of the tools you’ll need, with a heavy emphasis on the most cost-effective software and hardware for your project
  • detailed input on how to shoot great video, with sections on lighting, framing, and safety
  • important tips on basic digital video camera care and use
  • how to edit your video for maximum clarity, consistency, and aesthetics
  • a full chapter on the digital technology involved with putting your video on the web
  • a summary 12-point plan for achieving success with your training video

At a time when training and development budgets are being decreased, staff must be able to do more with less. And, since web-based video is rapidly assuming a critical role in corporate training, the ability to create highly effective video in-house is crucial. Rapid Video Development is your invaluable educational resource for every aspect of professional-quality, cost-effective web video production.

The Author:

Jonathan Halls has been teaching media production for both professional journalists and producers, as well as learning professionals entering the media production world, for three decades.  A specialist in both learning and digital media, he has worked with hundreds or media and learning organizations in 25 countries.  He was head of TV Training at the BBC, as well as manager of the BBC’s New Media Training Unit, when the World Wide Web was in its pioneering stages.  Jonathan is an adjunct professor at George Washington University where he teaches a graduate program on digital production.



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