If you would like information about how I can help you or have questions or comments about my books, articles, coaching, consulting, conference keynotes or programs, the best way to reach me is using the form below.


If I’m a good fit for your organization, I’d love to help.  I bring 3 decades of experience in talent development from 25 countries working at just about every level.  This in-the-trenches experience is backed by two degrees in adult learning and enriched by active participation in the learning profession as an author of 5 books, hundreds of articles, participation on industry advisory boards and speaking at conferences around the globe.


All of my programs are available virtually via video conference or webinar platform, and physically in person.  (Due to COVID 19, all programs are currently available for virtual delivery only.  They will be offered for face-to-face delivery when the economy opens up.) I adjust all my programs to be as specific to your organization’s needs as possible.

703 483 2416