All Our Workshops Are Virtual Ready

Like one of my workshops brought to your organization?  All my workshops can be done virtually or in-person.  I can also offer consulting on specific needs to your organization whether it’s talent strategy or re-organizing your training department.

Why work with me? If we’re a good fit, I’ll bring experience, qualifications and street cred to your project. My experience will save you time. My qualifications ensure that I draw from objective studies across the industry, not just subjective experience. My street cred which comes from the fact  I’m known in the industry for my books, articles, and conferences means you working with a known quantity.

International Work

While I am based in the United States, I do work around the globe.  This includes consulting, workshops and keynotes.  During the COVID pandemic I have done so virtually.  To provide exceptional service to clients, I work through international partners in some regions. This ensures more seamless contracting and better regional support.  They are:

  • Middle East & India: Daksada (Offices in Dubai.)
  • Asia: Halls Global (Offices in Hong Kong.)
  • Australia: Conmoto (Offices in Sydney.)
  • Americas and Europe: Jonathan Halls LLC (Washington DC)