Digital Content for Training

Digital Content for Training

Digital Content Workshop for Trainers

Trainer Mojo’s 3-day Digital Content Workshop helps trainers make digital content for microlearning applications that looks professional and leads to learning. Providing the skills to produce text, graphics, audio and video, it also explores content structure and how to integrate to an organization’s talent goals.

Trainers Are Content Creators

Trainers have always been content creators. 60 years ago, they created stencils and acetates. 30 years ago, they used photocopiers and PowerPoint slides. So, what’s changed? Technology. Today, trainers can make videos, infographics and podcasts that thirty years were outsourced to production houses and graphic design agencies. The challenge for training and talent departments is that not all digital content is created equally.

Rapid Media Development for Trainers

This workshop draws from Jonathan’s popular book, Rapid Media Development for Trainers which provides a step by step systematic approach to making digital media content whether for microlearning or larger projects.

Just because you can shoot video, doesn’t mean it’s well-structured and produced to look polished. And just because you can use graphic design software, it doesn’t mean your content looks clean and professional. Nor does it mean that the content will make learning easy. Trainer Mojo’s microlearning workshop takes trainers into the psychology of learning and media, then gives them practical skills to make digital content that supports learning, looks polished and doesn’t take forever to make.

Learning Objectives

  • Craft text for easy reading on digital screens that follow the latest studies into usability.
  • Produce short videos using a cell phone and online video editor following professional
  • media techniques that lead to learning.
  • Record and record voiceovers that sound polished and professional for use in eLearning, videos, and audio podcasts.
  • Write scripts for audio and video content that make content quick and easy to understand following professional media writing principles.
  • Craft infographics to support learning and development that are clean and professional using an online graphics program.
  • Describe key principles for effective digital instructional content based on the multimodal principles.
  • Explain key principles of multimodal media communication.

Practical Skills

This program answers the need in training departments for practical skills on making microlearning content that doesn’t look like it was designed in PowerPoint. There are a lot of resources for how to  integrate a microlearning strategy, but not so many about the nuts & bolts of building content that works. This program provides practical skills from the broadcast and publishing world to make content fast, professional and linked to learning.