1 day video boot camp

1 day video boot camp

Video Boot Camp Jonathan Halls

1 Day Video Boot Camp

Learn from international author and speaker, Jonathan Halls, how to make simple, engaging, instructional videos for microlearning and eLearning, using your smart phone in a practical 1-day, hands-on boot camp.

Ninety percent of organizations will use video for training in 2020. Many will make their own videos in-house rather than hiring expensive production companies, because equipment is so affordable.

But affordable video isn’t always good video. Learning management systems and intranets around the world are packed with videos that are poorly shot, edited and are clearly produced by novices.

Poorly produced instructional videos don’t help learning. Studies show many people don’t watch more than 15 seconds of video that looks amateurish. Which makes the time and energy invested into making video a waste.

But it doesn’t have to be a waste. Trainers with the core skills to make polished videos are extending learning beyond the classroom. So workers can learn when they want, where they want, and how they want.

And trainers with video skills are extending the reputation and branding of the training department. That’s why tomorrow’s trainers and instructional designers need skills to make engaging learning videos to ensure their video leads to real, sustained learning.

This workshop introduces you to the key principles of effective training videos, professional media practices to make your videos look professional, techniques to make videos fast while maintaining quality, and methods to do it affordably using your smart phone.

Learning Objectives

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Plan videos that keep viewers watching beyond those critical first 15 seconds,
  • Save up to 50{4295e736b7c8b77bafcfca0636c61a15922de2f5c16d31b3e613773db2f9f3fa} of time making the video,
  • Use a cell phone to film content but still make it look like it was shot professionally,
  • Edit the video