Create Stunning Digital Media Quickly & Affordably

“Rapid Media Development for Trainers is steeped in cognitive learning principles. Jonathan Halls focuses on the critical components of learning as he shares his secrets of digital media production. The inclusion og multiple examples and illustrations makes this book a meta-model of learning and an essential addition to your trainer’s bookshelf.”
Elaine Biech – Author, The Art & Science of Training, and 101 Ways to Make Learning Active Beyond the Classroom.



With so many people becoming media practitioners today due to shifting job roles and increasing use of technology in workplace learning, it’;s vital that books like this exist. Siply knowing the ‘how’ to produce media and not understanding the ‘why’ leads to sloppy execution. Rapid Media Development for Trainers is great for those just entering the media production space.” Chad Udell, Author of Shock of the New: Challenge and Promise of Emerging Learning Technologies.

“If you have media design or development questions, Rapid Media Development for Trainers has the answers. This book provides a top-to-bottom look at media for training, from simple text on the screen to augmented reality and everything between. It will quickly become a key component of your training and development resource library. Karl Kapp, Professor of Instructional Technology, Bloomsburg University, Author, The Gamification of Learning and Instruction.

Tomorrow’s Trainers are Media Creators & Curators

Shaky camerawork and scratchy audio just won’t cut it with your learners. But can your time and budget-constrained training department produce the polished media they expect? Absolutely.

In Rapid Media Development for Trainers, veteran trainer and author Jonathan Halls uses his experience running the BBC’s prestigious production training department to help even the smallest learning team dazzle. Whether you need to build a training program, blend your offerings, or flip your classroom, this book will help you make learning dynamic with rapid media techniques.

Free of overly technical jargon, Rapid Media Development for Trainers is for novice and expert learning professionals alike. It explains essential learning and media concepts and adapts standard production practices to your work schedule. You won’t need to max out your budget on expensive equipment, or stress over camera models and editing software. Use simple tools – some that you already have – to create video, audio, and online content while avoiding common missteps.

Turn once uninspiring training programs into riveting learning experiences that incorporate compelling video, crisp podcasts, and eye-catching presentations.


  • why planning media production always beats out winging it
  • which cost-effective tools can deliver high-quality digital media
  • what visual, auditory, and graphical concepts are indispensable during creation
  • how you can pull all your media together and edit it for a complete learning experience.

Boost your production and content quality with this ultimate guide to fast and affordable media development.

The Author:

Jonathan Halls has been teaching media production for both professional journalists and producers, as well as learning professionals entering the media production world, for three decades.  A specialist in both learning and digital media, he has worked with hundreds or media and learning organizations in 25 countries.  He was head of TV Training at the BBC, as well as manager of the BBC’s New Media Training Unit, when the World Wide Web was in its pioneering stages.  Jonathan is an adjunct professor at George Washington University where he teaches a graduate program on digital production.



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