Confesssions of a Corporate Trainer



“Jonathan Halls has revealed that the emperor has no clothes! As always, his experience, candor, and wit shine through as Jonathan unveils the truth behind what real learning professionals do, and don’t do, to accomplish their mission of helping people perform more effectively in the workplace.”

—Sharon Wingron, CPLP, President and Chief People Development Partner, Develop PEOPLE

“In Confessions of a Corporate Trainer, Jonathan Halls practices what he preaches by helping readers actually learn how to increase training’s value. Unlike an ever-expanding number of titles on the topic of training, this book offers tips that are easy to apply, are proven to work, and allow for training-related conversations with senior leaders that are unlikely to make their eyes glaze over with talk of adult learning theory or the latest faddish buzzword.”

—Andrew Rath, PhD, CPLP, Institutional Effectiveness Department, National Intelligence University

STOP PRESS: This book was just announced as a Gold Winner for the Non Fiction Authors Association Awards 2021


Book Summary

Ever watched half your class stomp out on you? Fallen asleep facilitating a creativity workshop? Planned a bulletproof lesson plan, then dropped it 10 minutes after you started? Don’t worry―you’re not the only one.

If you’ve been thrown a curve ball in the training room, chances are Jonathan Halls has too. He’s only too well aware of the gritty reality of what corporate training is really like.  As such, he’s given up trying to be that shiny happy trainer with slick slide decks and polished platform skills.  His 25-plus years of training and facilitating in 25 countries have taught him not to stress over a less-than-flawless class―and helped him worry less than his performance and more on helping his learners shine.

In Confessions of a Corporate Trainer: An Insider Tells All, Jonathan tells relatable and charming stories of what corporate training is really about, drawing from his highly rated train-the-trainer workshops and hundreds of honest conversations with like-minded trainers.

He recounts the curveball he was thrown midway through a change management workshop in Zagreb, Croatia―and how it showed him the futility of over planning. He shares the time a fire alarm disrupted a training program he led in Washington, D.C., and how he embraced the interruption. And he reflects on what conspires to knock trainers off their game (psst: demanding clients, heavy workloads, and frequent travel are only a few of the culprits).

Discover the gritty reality of training. Confessions of a Corporate Trainer will entertain you, challenge you, and remind you why you as a trainer are so important in today’s workplace.

“As much as I want to poke fun at how we do things in the world of training, I want to also celebrate what we do. And provoke us to do our work even better.” Jonathan Halls

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Author Biography

Author Jonathan Halls has worked for almost 3 decades in 25 countries in the fields of talent development and digital media.  Based in Washington DC, he formerly ran the BBC’s TV Training and has helped organizations around the world work through change.  He has a masters and bachelors in adult learning and writes extensively for publications which have included Learning Solutions, T&D, HR Observer, Stage Radio and Screen plus more.  He’s spoken at conferences including DevLear, ATD ICE, ATD TK, Core Four, Learning Solutions and many more.



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