Learn What Participants Say About Jonathan’s Programs

Following are comments about Jonathan’s programs delivered over the past few years.  They are in no particular order but cover a range of programs he delivers.

These comments are taken directly from audited program evaluations. They are made by participants and audience members. 

While we do not keep names of participants on file for privacy reasons, more event analysis can be shared with clients upon request. 

Advanced Trainer Programs for Learning Professionals

“Jonathan did an awesome job in helping us change the our way of thinking in order to better understand how a learner thinks so that we can truly create and facilitate valuable sessions of learning.”  Alexandria 2016.

“Excellent command of the topic and excellent facilitation skills.”  Alexandria 2016.

“Jonathan was a great instructor that knew exactly when and how to “push” me to be better at my job.  He was able to show me what it really means to be a transformative trainer.  I was humbled by his ability to do so.”  Alexandria 2016.

“Jonathan provided excellent feedback and was extremely knowledgeable about topics discussed in this course.” Alexandria 2016.

“Just watching Jonathan in action was a learning experience for me.  It was inspirational and will help me.”  Alexandria 2016.

 “This was singularly the most valuable training experience I have ever had.  I highly recommend this course for any trainers, regardless of how long they have been training.”  Washington, DC 2017.

“Jonathan made it seamless to learn and created a very open environment.  Everyone in the class felt comfortable with the various learning methods and technique.”  Washington, DC 2017.

“Jonathan was outstanding.  I wish I had an instructor of his skill level for every course I took, and it was so valuable to see skills in his presentation style that I would like to emulate.  Definitely a practitioner who practices what he preaches.”  Washington, DC 2017.

“Jonathan kept everyone engaged and crated an open environment.  It was a lot of information to cover in a week but Jonathan kept it engaging and did not overload us with too much at once.”  Denver 2016.

“Jonathan was AMAZING!!! I LEARNED SO MUCH FROM HIM.  Thank you.  I feel that after this my skills have increased.”  Denver 2016.

“Jonathan is professional and personal with a wealth of experience that he draws on.”  Denver 2016.

“Johnathan was an engaging, articulate facilitator.  I valued his feedback.”  Denver 2016.

“Jonathan has a wealth of knowledge and is an expert facilitator.  Without Jonathan sharing his experiences and challenging us to think and do things differently, this course wouldn’t have been as effective for me.”  Denver 2016.

How to Make Digital Media for Training and Micro Learning.

“Jonathan Halls did an outstanding job facilitating this class.  I came in knowing nothing about developing multimedia projects and now feel much more comfortable to develop podcasts and videos.”  Atlanta 2012.

“Although this seminar was designed as a multimedia foundation, I learned so much about the tools I already use every day.  I had only been scratching the surface.  Great tips!” Atlanta 2012.

“This multimedia workshop exceeded my expectations.” Atlanta 2012.

“Excellent introduction to multimedia!  I came in with no experience and walked out having created a two minute video!  AWESOME!!!” Atlanta 2012.

“Excellent facilitator, very knowledgeable.  I’ll look out for subsequent sessions with Mr Halls.”  New York 2014.

“I appreciated that Jonathan adjusted the session as needed throughout to focus on the things participants wanted to spend the most time on.”  New York 2014.

“Best Trainer.  Last class we attend we went back to work to let everyone know how great the training is.”  New York 2014.

“The best part was the instructor.  I suspect his college classes are packed.  Great class.”  Chicago 2015.

“Jonathan was fun and energetic.  It was a lot of info to get into only 2-days but he kept it moving.  He was very engaging.”  Chicago 2015.

How to Make Training Videos and Videos for Micro Learning

“Jonathan was a fantastic instructor!”  Atlanta 2017.

“There are many video classes, but this one is tailor made for instructional use including psychology, learning objectives and engagement.”  Atlanta 2017.

“Jonathan is engaging, affable but not light weight.”  Atlanta 2017.

“Jonathan knows his stuff and how to teach it well.”  Atlanta 2017.

“Jonathan is outstanding – exceptionally interesting, tolerant and informative!”  Las Vegas 2014.

“Jonathan knew how to connect with the group, has lots of experience and lots of tips to share.  Great experience!!”  Las Vegas 2014.

“Well above any other training class been to for corporate enhancement.”  Las Vegas 2014.

“Jonathan is an INCREDIBLE facilitator!!  Having facilitated training myself, I know how challenging it is, but he unquestionably pulled it off with toal success!  I would have loved to spend more days with him just to glean more of hi knowledge!!”  Las Vegas 2017

“Great mix of humor, patience and deep technical know how and experience.” Las Vegas 2017.

“energetic, funny and treated all equally.”  Las Vegas 2017.

“Jonathan kept the class entertaining and engaging with group activities.  The course was very enjoyable the whole way through.  He kept the mood light with his sense of humor, and was always open to questions and thorough explanations.” Las Vegas 2017.

“He managed to engage everyone.  Was very good at explaining.  You could tell he knew exactly what he was talking about.”  Las Vegas 2017.