Learning Solutions 2021 – Film School

Thanks for taking time at Learning Solutions to attend my session, Film School for Learning Professionals! It was a privilege to have you join me.

Resources for Making Videos

I have cobbled together a few resources to help you as you make videos for talent development. Feel free to download and use them. I don’t mind you sharing them with others so long as I’m attributed.  Scroll down for these which include job aids and today’s presentation.

Development Opportunities

I run workshops for corporate clients as well as a limited number of public workshops on all aspects of digital media production.  Video production, podcast production etc.  I do these drawing on 30+ years teaching and doing media in 25 countries.  I’ve trained folks from some of the leading media companies.

If you’re interested in bringing a workshop to your organization or signing up for a public workshop, let me know.  You can find details of the workshops here on this site by CLICKING HERE.

My next public workshop is for ATD in May 2021.  It’s $1500 and online.  CLICK HERE for details.  I also run a week-long workshop of 3 hrs per day on an ad hoc basis for the public for $575.  Email me for details and the next dates.


May 2021

Resources: Click on the Image to Access the PDF

Smart Phone Filming Tips

RMT Video Workflow

Digital Media Modality Check

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