One of the biggest struggles learning and talent executives face is earning credibility from stakeholders and clients.  I see it all the time.  The lack of trust in what talent does shows itself in stakeholders interfering in instructional design or micromanaging your trainers, to in snide remarks people make at internal meetings.

The problem is that when people don’t see the value talent development brings to an organization it becomes an uphill battle.  Running the training, learning, talent – or whatever we call it these days – is a tough gig.  And I can help

Supporting Talent Leaders

I help talent and learning executives, and training managers optimize how their teams get workplace results and have organizational impact.  I can coach, consult or be a sounding board on how you keep your team on track.

Things I help people with include:

  • Helping you develop a realistic strategy that defines talent by linking everything in the classroom to organizational goals.
  • Helping you earn credibility when stakeholders don’t trust your work, including skills audits and organizational change to help training department become more agile.
  • Curricula reviews which include content, objectives, and strategies to ensure learning solutions are science-based and driven by research to get results.
  • Modernizing training operations to incorporate digital learning strategies such as video, virtual learning and microlearning strategies.
  • Coaching and training leaders who are new to talent development take a lead and deliver effective talent solutions
Jonathan Halls. Award winning author and consultant.

Jonathan Halls, an award winning author and consultant, was named by GFEL as one of the Top 100 Visionaries in Education in 2021.

I draw on thirty years doing talent development in twenty-five countries.  I’ve been a learning executive running a multi-million-dollar operation, a training manager with five staff and a trainer in the classroom.  I’ve led instructional design initiatives and been a consultant.  I’ve worked at all levels in talent and across multiple industries.

I’m closely involved in the profession with regular presentations at ATD, where I also facilitate their Master Trainer program.  I was also on the advisory committee for the new ATD Capability Model.  You can read about my philosophy in my books and articles which are published globally in T&D Magazine, Learning Solutions, The Training Industry, HR Forum, and others.

I’ll be honest – I’m not a good fit as a consultant for every leader or organization.  But then, maybe I am the person you need to keep talent at the center of your organization.  Let’s take a 15 minute call to see if I may be someone who can help.