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Jonathan’s four books focus on learning and media.  He’s also contributing author to a number of other books, and writes extensively for industry magazines.



Confessions of a Corporate Trainer: An Insider Tells All

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Discover the gritty reality of training.  Confessions of a Corporate Trainer: An Insider Tells All will entertain you, challenge you, and remind you why you as a trainer are so important in today’s workplace.

Ever watched half of your class stomp out on you?  Fallen asleep while facilitating a creativity workshop?  In Confessions of a Corporate Trainer, Jonathan Halls tells stories of what corporate training is really about.  Stories many trainers will immediately relate to. And he shares his most valuable lesson – you get the best results as a trainer when you’re authentic and focus on the learner’s performance rather than your own.



Rapid Video Development for Trainers

The leading Go To reference for learning professionals around the world, who want to learn to make training videos. Easily add video skills to your professional toolkit.

A comprehensive tutorial that covers every aspect of web-based video development. The book provides both a theoretical overview as well as nuts and bolts instructions for creating professional video quickly, easily and inexpensively.

It looks at how to structure training videos so they are engaging, affordable equipment you should have in your toolkit to ensure your videos look sharp, and how to use equipment such as cameras and microphones.  It also features tips on how to look good on camera.



Rapid Media Development for Trainers

The 21st Century learning professional is also a media pro who can create digital learning content that leads to learning.  And that extends beyond just video.

Harness the power of media to extend training beyond the classroom. In Jonathan’s latest book, learn how to create engaging training videos, audio podcasts, and written content that delivers transformative learning.

Also learn about graphics from special guest author, Connie Malamed. This book provides learning professional with the foundations they need to create professional multi-modal media content.



Video Script Writing

Well-written video scripts enhance training videos by reducing cognitive load and focusing attention on the learning.

Write video scripts for training videos that are quick and easy to understand and support learning. In this short book, Jonathan Halls explains what makes a good script for video and how to pen one yourself. He looks at what communication is, how it works with the video modality, and steps you can take to make your training videos come across as polished and easy to follow.



Memory and Cognition in Learning

Forget discredited theories like learning styles. Instead build your practice on evidence-based theories about how the brain processes learning and builds memories.

Recent studies in neuroscience combined with research from cognitive psychology give learning professional powerful insights into how people learn.

In this short InfoLine for the American Society for Training and Development, Jonathan reviews the current theories and looks at how you can apply them as a trainer or teacher to get better results and deepen the learning experience.






ASTD Handbook: The Definitive Reference for Training & Development

The Go To Reference for learning professionals who draw on the latest research and industry practices.

This is the leading resource for learning and talent professionals. In just under a 1000 pages, this reference covers all the important issues trainers face in today’s workplace.  It adds loads of practical tools and references the latest research.

It belongs on every learning professional’s book case. Authored by 96 leading experts and edited by Elaine Biech, it includes a chapter on multimedia by Jonathan Halls.



Speak More!

If you want to be a keynote speaker, you need gigs.  And that starts with marketing your products and services.

Speak More! Is published by the National Speakers Association and provides marketing strategies for speaking professionals to enhance their business.

The book is an anthology of marketing topics by 33 top speaking professionals, Jonathan authored the chapter on making video and using it for marketing.



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