Jonathan Halls Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Halls: 5 Keynote Topics

Jonathan Halls has been described as half college professor and half talk show host.  He probes topics deeply in his keynotes and seminars, challenging audiences to think differently.  But delivers in the engaging style you’d expect from the former professional talk show host.

Jonathan Halls is the ideal keynote or seminar leader for HR, talent, training, education and leadership conferences.

Trainer IR 4.0 – Are You Ready?
In this provocative keynote, author Jonathan Halls draws on his experience as a former BBC learning executive, training manager and talent specialist to companies in more than 25 countries.

He’ll explore what’s changing and what that means for tomorrow’s trainers in a world of robots, artificial intelligence and deeper digital connectivity.  He’ll suggest three knowledge buckets that are critical plus 7 key skill sets.

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Confessions of a Corporate Trainer

In his disarming and entertaining way, Jonathan shares stories to challenge today’s learning and talent professionals to think beyond the fads and superstitions that have governed our profession.

He probes deep below the surface to suggest practices that aren’t glossy, aren’t slick.  But allow talent professionals to affect substantive change in today’s organizations as we all struggle to meet the needs of the future.

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The successful leaders secretTalent Development & Leadership

More and more people leave their jobs because they don’t believe they’re being developed.  And while they lack the opportunities to be developed, the organization also suffers.

In this keynote, Jonathan challenges leaders to make talent development a key priority because this is what can shift the performance of their organization.  And talent development can increase engagement and ensure the organization’s success.

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Video and podcasts for learning keynoteMedia for Learning & Talent Professionals

Drawing on Jonathan’s two books, Rapid Media for Trainers, and Rapid Video for Trainers, this keynote explores how learning professionals can create awesome instructional videos and podcasts that are engaging.

It looks at embedding instructional design principles into digital learning content and deploying techniques used by radio and television professionals to make content more engaging. Jonathan also shares tips for making digital learning content fast without compromising quality.

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Skills for Professional Succes

Skills for Professional Success

Two skills count as being critical for any person’s professional success.  Communication.  And creativity (which leads to innovation.)  Jonathan has been speaking on and running workshops on these topics for the past twenty years.  But his approach is not conventional.  A keynote or seminar on either of these topics will challenge your meeting to think deeper about having a transformative effect on tomorrow’s world.

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