Transformative Leadership

Transformative Leadership: Be the Change

One of the top reasons people leave their jobs is their boss.

And one of the reasons people don’t want to follow their boss is because the boss misunderstands what leadership is.

This keynote explores how inspiring leadership is not a position but a mission. Not about holding authority but taking responsibility.

It looks at what you need to do to earn loyal followers. And reflects on your outlook as a leader and the role you and your staff play in achieving the things you are leading them to.

Good leaders transform organizations by enabling their staff to be creative, efficient and productive.  Leaders help staff see possibilities and map opportunities to business goals that sustain their organization.

This keynote draws on Jonathan’s almost 30 years of experience as a professional communicator, in media and business, in 25 countries around the globe.

Jonathan will share key steps any leader can take at any level to transform their organization, or part of their organization.

Jonathan is available to speak and lead seminars at conferences around the U.S.  He has limited availability in 2018 for conferences overseas.  CLICK HERE to contact us and see if we can help your conference achieve its objectives with one of Jonathan’s keynotes or seminars.