Keynotes: Skills for Professional Success

Skills for Professional Succes



Two skills count as being critical for any person’s professional success.  Communication.  And creativity (which leads to innovation.)

Jonathan has been speaking on and running workshops on these topics for the past twenty years.  But his approach is not conventional.

A keynote or seminar on either of these topics will challenge your meeting to think deeper about having a transformative effect on tomorrow’s world.

Below are details of two keynotes that will appeal beyond the field of talent development and to any professionals who want to make an impact in today’s fast changing world.


KEYNOTE: Creativity & Innovation for Mere Mortals.

Mention creativity or innovation and people will talk about Steve Jobs.  James Dyson.  Richard Branson.  Or someone else who is famous and has had lots of success in the public eye.

However, creativity is not for the rich and famous. Everyone is born creative.  Although, life can beat it out of us.  But it doesn’t have to.  With a few key strategies, everyone can ensure their work – in whatever field – is creative and innovative.

In this keynote, Jonathan shares a three step process from his upcoming book about how to drive creativity and innovation.  He looks at things that block creativity in the workplace and how to remove those blocks.

KEYNOTE: Communication for Real People

Keynote speaker, Jonathan Halls

Communication is like gridlock on the freeway.  Everyone complains about it, but no-one fixes it.

In this engaging keynote, Jonathan will show your audience how the odds are, that when they communicate, they’re more likely to be misunderstood.  Whether in a presentation, email or conversation.

Drawing on science, he’ll explain why this is so.  Then he’ll share 5 principles for any communication situation to reduce the chance of being misunderstood. He’ll also challenge some of the cute notions that people share about communication that are just plain wrong.

Video Excerpts of Jonathan In Action


For Meeting PlannersKeynote Details for Meeting Planners

KEYNOTE LENGTH: 45, 60 or 90 minutes

RESOURCES: Jonathan will provide a one-page infographic summarizing the key points for distribution to the audience after the conference.

SEMINAR LENGTH: Half Day.  Jonathan is generally available to offer an optional two to three hour seminar on the same day as the keynote.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Jonathan is available for book signings and is happy to take questions from the audience after the keynote.

IN DEPTH WORKSHOP or DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Talk to us about an in-depth professional development program based on this keynote.

TRAVEL: Jonathan travels from Washington, DC.  (Dulles Airport).  Bookings are made on the understanding that he flies the day before the keynote.

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