Radical Communication


Radical Communication: It’s Not What’s Said but What’s Understood.

Communication is messy. And there’s no guarantee that what you say or write will be properly understood.

In fact, science tells us that it’s more likely your message will be misunderstood.

But don’t get upset about this. It has little to do with whether you’re a good communicator. It’s more about how people’s brains work, when they engage with your message.

In this interactive keynote, Jonathan will explore communication through the lens of psychology, neuroscience and practice, to learn why most people won’t understand you.

Then, he’ll explore what you can do to achieve more successful communication.

Better communication saves time in organizations. It increases trust and reduces the conflicts and mistakes that cost today’s organizations too much wasted time and money.

Jonathan will share 5 key principles of communication that apply to any communication context.  These principles will transform the way you see communication.

Some see that communication is a tool to deliver information.  Jonathan see’s it as a tool to deliver change.

This keynote draws on Jonathan’s almost 30 years of experience as a professional communicator, in media and business, in 25 countries around the globe.

Jonathan is available to speak and lead seminars at conferences around the U.S.  He has limited availability in 2018 for conferences overseas.  CLICK HERE to contact us and see if we can help your conference achieve its objectives with one of Jonathan’s keynotes or seminars.