Profound Learning

Profound Learning: Take Control of Your Future

The greatest tragedy in contemporary education is we teach people to do and know things but we don’t teach people to learn.

This is possibly why people hate going to training.  Avoid college and school.  But understand how to learn and you unlock one of the greatest secrets to success.

In our world of constant change and turmoil, tomorrow’s successful organizations will be marked by how well their staff consistently apply learning techniques to stay on top.

But it’s not just business that learning can help.  How do you learn to change your diet and stick to it?  Change your routine to free time up.  Learn to be a better mom or dad?

Jonathan has been teaching train the trainer programs to leaders around the globe for the past 18 years.

What sets his programs apart from many traditional programs is he has always focused on the brain and process of cognition.

Cognition is one of the most researched areas of learning psychology.  Yet, it’s sadly one of the most neglected areas in train the trainer programs which often teach tricks and tips that lack evidence.

In this keynote, Jonathan turns his world upside down.  Instead of looking at how to help other people learn, he looks at how we can become better learners ourselves.

He discusses programs we can all adopt to live and work better lives.

Drawing on scientific research, he looks at what you can do to transform your business, your work and your personal life.  Not through cheap tricks and tips but substantive methodologies.

Jonathan is available to speak and lead seminars at conferences around the U.S.  He has limited availability in 2018 for conferences overseas.  CLICK HERE to contact us and see if we can help your conference achieve its objectives with one of Jonathan’s keynotes or seminars.