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How would it be if your team could make instructional videos and podcasts that didn’t just lead to learning but also looked and sounded professional?

Tomorrow’s Learning Professionals Are Also Media Producers. 

Video is the flip chart of the future.  And podcasting is the personal sage a learner can take with them on a flight to learn from.

Now that technology is cheaper than ever, and easier than ever to use, being able to both create and curate digital learning content is fast becoming a key skill set for tomorrow’s talent and learning professionals.  But where do you start, if you’ve never made digital media content?  And even if you’ve been doing it for a while, how can you do it better?

What Makes Great Instructional Content?

Effective instructional content leads to learning.  (If it doesn’t lead to learning, it’s not really instructional.)   And effective content is engaging.  How do you create content that does both?

Jonathan’s keynote and conference seminar are based on his two leading books, Rapid Video for Trainers and Rapid Media for Trainers.

Trainers.Being able to make content that leads to learning and is engaging is half the battle.  But it’s not the only concern.  Trainers are busy.  They need to do this fast.  The key to making content quickly is having the right skills, using the right tools, and following and following an effective workflow.

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Making Media is Easier than Ever Before

Drawing on Jonathan’s two books, Rapid Media for Trainers, and Rapid Video for Trainers, this keynote will explore how trainers can create awesome instructional videos and podcasts that are engaging.

It will look at how to embed instructional design principles into the content and deploy techniques used by radio and television professionals that make content more engaging. Jonathan will also share a workflow to help talent and learning professionals make their content fast without compromising quality.  And finally, the skills and equipment you need to do it all.

Keynote Details for Meeting Planners

This is a fast-paced interactive keynote.  We will make a piece of learning content live in the session so the audience can see how easy and accessible media making skills are for today’s learning professional.


For Meeting Planners

Keynote Details for Meeting Planners

KEYNOTE LENGTH: 60 or 90 minutes

RESOURCES: Jonathan will provide a one-page infographic summarizing the key points for distribution to the audience after the conference.

SEMINAR LENGTH: Half Day.  Jonathan is generally available to offer an optional two to three hour seminar on the same day as the keynote.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Jonathan is available for book signings and is happy to take questions from the audience after the keynote.

IN DEPTH WORKSHOP or DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Talk to us about an in-depth professional development program based on this keynote.

TRAVEL: Jonathan travels from Washington, DC.  (Dulles Airport).  He flies the day before the keynote.

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