KeynoteConfessions of a Corporate Trainer: An Insider Tells AllIsn’t it about time to get real about training? 

To stop deluding ourselves that we have to follow all the rules, because they’re … well rules?  It’s time to break the mold and deliver truly  transformative learning.


Most books about training are serious and talk about the right way to do things.  They don’t talk much about when things go wrong – which in our business happens a lot.  Or what to do.

Most train the trainer programs teach best practice.  But how often is best practice possible in today’s fast changing workplace?  And how many of those learning theories they teach are just superstitions?

Getting Real About Training & Talent Development

In Jonathan Halls’ latest book, Confessions of a Corporate Trainer: An Insider Tells All, Jonathan gets real about delivering training that works.  And life as a trainer in today’s fast-pace world.

No sugar coating.  Just the real, down and dirty of doing your best to help people learn new skills and knowledge to impact their organization.

This keynote is based on Jonathan’s acclaimed book and is designed to remind trainers how important they are to the future.  It challenges them to dig deeper in their practice to truly make a difference in their organizations, for their clients and in the lives of the learners they serve.

Challenging Learning Professionals to Affect Real Change

In his disarming and entertaining way, Jonathan shares stories to challenge today’s learning and talent professionals to think beyond the fads and superstitions that have governed our profession.

He probes deep below the surface to suggest practices that aren’t glossy, aren’t slick.  But allow talent professionals to affect substantive change in today’s organizations as we all struggle to meet the needs of the future.

Smart, Funny & Energetic

“Smart, funny and energetic,” is how Jennifer Linch from the American College of Education described Jonathan’s book.  Sharon Wingron from DevelopPeople says, “Jonathan Halls has revealed that the emporer has no clothes!”  And Nanci Appleman Vassil from APLS Group says the book has, “An abundance of vivid examples, stories and experiences.”  Matt Smith from Techsmith says it provides, “practical tips that help make anyone a better trainer.”  And Wayne P. St Louis from Booz Allen Hamilton says, “Finally an instructor who actually demonstrates what he presents to groups as best practices.”

Confessions of a Corporate Trainer: An Insider Tells All covers a lot of topics that are relevant to today’s learning and talent professionals.  It may be that one or several chapters of the book are especially relevant to your meeting and Jonathan is happy to focus on those in the keynote or seminar.

Video Excerpts of Jonathan’s Keynotes



For Meeting PlannersKeynote Details for Meeting Planners

KEYNOTE LENGTH: 45, 60 or 90 minutes

RESOURCES: Jonathan will provide a one-page infographic summarizing the key points for distribution to the audience after the conference.

SEMINAR LENGTH: Half Day.  Jonathan is generally available to offer an optional two to three hour seminar on the same day as the keynote.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Jonathan is available for book signings and is happy to take questions from the audience after the keynote.

IN DEPTH WORKSHOP or DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Talk to us about an in-depth professional development program based on this keynote.

TRAVEL: Jonathan travels from Washington, DC.  (Dulles Airport).  Bookings are made on the understanding that he flies the day before the keynote.

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