Digital Media Revolution

Digital Media Revolution: Beyond Fad to Real Dynamics

You’ve probably heard it. “If you’re not on Facebook, you’re so last century.” Or a colleague gives you an incredulous “raise of the eyebrow” when you tell them you don’t have a Twitter account.

When many people talk about the digital revolution they tend to focus on what’s happening on the surface. Like Facebook and Twitter. But is that wise? Will Facebook be around forever? After, everyone thought MySpace was big once.

In this exciting keynote, Jonathan will look at three key dynamics of digital media. He’ll explore what they are, how they drive some of today’s big names and what you need to do to play with them.

Drawing on his experience working with broadcasters and newspapers around the world who made the leap from airwaves, paper and ink, into the digital space, he’ll share insights to help you prepare for the future.

Following digital fads just holds you ransom to the latest ideas.  Understanding the dynamics of the digital ecosystem enable you to intelligently take advantage of what digital has to offer.

Seminar participants are asked to bring a phone, tablet or device that connects to the Internet.  Conference organizers are strongly advised to provide wifi connectivity in the auditorium.

Jonathan is available to speak and lead seminars at conferences around the U.S.  He has limited availability in 2018 for conferences overseas.  CLICK HERE to contact us and see if we can help your conference achieve its objectives with one of Jonathan’s keynotes or seminars.