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Dealing With Disruptive Participants

Disruptive Participants Can Make it Tough for Everyone CLICK HERE for the complete article. When I facilitate advanced trainer programs, I often ask trainers to share their number one classroom challenge. Overwhelmingly, they tell me it’s disruptive participants. They give examples of participants using cell phones during discussions, folks coming back from lunch late, people reading email […]

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How to Spot an Amateur Trainer

In Brief: The money you spend hiring a trainer can either be an incredibly good investment.  Or a disappointing waste of money.  How do you make sure you hire the right person?  It comes down to how they see the role of trainer, their commitment to link training objectives to business objectives and understanding the […]

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Don’t Waste Your Money on Training

In Brief:  Millions of dollars are wasted every day on poor quality training that is delivered in businesses, non-profits and government agencies.  But it doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, good quality training can revolutionize the work you and your team do. By Jonathan Halls Training Often Gets a Bad Name A friend […]

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The Best PowerPoints are Forgettable

In Brief:  PowerPoint slides get a bad rap.  But that’s only because so many people either over-use PowerPoint or do not know how to use it well.  It doesn’t have to be so. By Jonathan Halls People Complain More About PowerPoint Slides than Speakers I just finished reading an article about how to create great […]

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5 Communication Principles

Article in Brief: Communication isn’t just about getting your message right.  In fact it’s much more complex.  Here are 5 principles that will ensure your communication is effective and leads to results. By Jonathan Halls Communication – Let’s Get Specific My ears pick up whenever I hear people talking about communication.  That’s because communication has been […]

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