Resources for learning and talent professionals making digital learning content such as instructional podcasts, training videos or micro and macro learning content.

Future of Training

Great Minds Together It was awesome.  13,500 learning professionals from around the globe descended on Washington DC this week for ATD’s annual Conference.  Thinking, talking and questioning the work we do.  Hundreds of sessions and loads of networking.  At the heart of many conversations was a question: what’s next? I was on a panel, Wednesday, […]

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Potted History of Training

As a field of professional inquiry, what we know as workplace learning or talent development hasn’t been around for long. Maybe a hundred years or so if you go back to Taylorism and B F Skinner.  A little longer if you include thought leaders like John Dewey.  However, as an activity of survival, workplace learning […]

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Creative Repetition

  Instructional podcasts and videos aren’t instructional if no-one learns. And as we share in our media workshops for workplace learning professionals, the formula for learning is understand + remember + apply.  So what do you do in content like micro videos to help people remember the skill or knowledge you’re sharing? Creative repetition is […]

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