The Best PowerPoints are Forgettable

In Brief:  PowerPoint slides get a bad rap.  But that’s only because so many people either over-use PowerPoint or do not know how to use it well.  It doesn’t have to be so. By Jonathan Halls People Complain More About PowerPoint Slides than Speakers I just finished reading an article about how to create great […]

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5 Communication Principles

Article in Brief: Communication isn’t just about getting your message right.  In fact it’s much more complex.  Here are 5 principles that will ensure your communication is effective and leads to results. By Jonathan Halls Communication – My Bread and Butter I’ve earned my bread and butter as a communicator just about all my life. It’s […]

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Communication is Hard Work

In Brief:  Good communicators make the art of communication look easy.  But the reality is that communication wasn’t meant to be easy.  It was meant to be effective only after careful planning, practice and critical review. Communication is Hard Work Good communicators make communication look easy.  But it’s hard work – like doing weights at […]

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