Catchup Video

Catchup from Friday

During the last last fifteen minutes of our webinar on Friday afternoon, I had planned to show you how Camtasia records the screen, plus how to add those recordings on the timeline and do rough edits to them.  That way, if you are new to Camtasia, you can play around with it and get to know it before we meet again on Tuesday.

However, while I was able to show you how to record actions on the screen, I couldn’t show you how to drop those recordings onto the Camtasia timeline and edit them.  That’s because I have dual monitors and captured the Webex screen, not the Camtasia screen.  (I had thought I was capturing the right screen, but got confused between Webex screen capture and Camtasia which both look the same.)  Given we hit 4pm, we didn’t have time for me to quickly do the screen capture again and do the demo.

The Demo

The good news is that when I asked who was already using Camtasia, most folks checked the box in the participant panel of Webex.  So, many folks already have a good idea of dropping shots onto the timeline.  However, if this is new for you, I have recorded a quick video that shows how to position those screen capture recordings on the timeline and trim them.

You can watch the demo video below.  You’ll need to use the password I sent to you in the email.  If you’re already comfortable positioning video captures on the timeline, there’s no need to watch the video.  But if you’d like to see it, it’s here for you.  If you can spend some time experimenting with Camtasia, it will put you in a great place for Tuesday.

As you watch, focus on what I do in the timeline.  You’ll see how the actions I take affect what you see in the monitor screen.

Cheers, Jonathan