Sure, pizzaz is nice …  

But you want substantive content at your next event. Content your members and staff can immediately use.

Jonathan Halls has been described as half college professor and half talk show host.  That’s because Jonathan probes topics deeply in his keynotes and seminars, challenging audiences to think differently.  And he links concepts and ideas to practical actions people can take.

But deep thoughts and engaging analysis doesn’t mean your next keynote or seminar has to be boring.  Jonathan’s presentation style is as engaging as you’d expect from the former professional talk show host. Add that experience to 30 years as a speaker and adult educator, Jonathan brings unique experience to keep audiences engaged while presenting with professionalism.


Radical Communication: Not What’s Said but What’s Understood.

Communication is messy. And there’s no guarantee that what you say or write will be properly understood.

In fact, science tells us that it’s more likely your message will be misunderstood.

But don’t get upset about this. It has little to do with whether you’re a good communicator. It’s more about how people’s brains work, when they engage with your message.

In this interactive keynote, Jonathan will explore communication through the lens of neuroscience to learn why most people won’t understand you.

Then, he’ll explore what you can do to achieve more successful communication.

Better communication saves time in organizations. It increases trust and reduces the conflicts and mistakes that cost today’s organizations too much wasted time and money.

Transformative Leadership: Be the Change

One of the top reasons people leave their jobs is their boss.

And one of the reasons people don’t want to follow their boss is because the boss misunderstands what leadership is.

This keynote explores how inspiring leadership is not a position but a mission. Not about holding authority but taking responsibility.

It looks at what you need to do to earn loyal followers. And reflects on your outlook as a leader and the role you and your staff play in achieving the things you are leading them to.

Good leaders transform people and organizations to.  They enables staff to see possibilities and map opportunities to business goals that sustain their organization

Profound Learning: Take Control of Your Future

You’ve heard the cliché that the only constant is change. It’s not far from the truth in a world where technology advances quickly and societies change at breakneck speed. So, how do we keep up?

Whatever industry you’re in, whatever role you perform, you need to flex your learning muscle. Constant learning opens possibilities and puts you in the driver’s seat of the future.

But deep and transformative learning doesn’t just happen by mistake. It’s a deliberate process each of us chooses to engage or ignore.

Understanding learning and being able to learn more efficiently gives you greater power to transform your world and the world you live in.

Digital Media Revolution: Beyond Fad to Real Dynamics

You’ve probably heard it. “If you’re not on Facebook, you’re so last century.” Or a colleague gives you an incredulous “raise of the eyebrow” when you tell them you don’t have a Twitter account.

When many people talk about the digital revolution they tend to focus on what’s happening on the surface. Like Facebook and Twitter. But is that wise? Will Facebook be around forever? After, everyone thought MySpace was big once.

In this exciting keynote, Jonathan will look at three key dynamics of digital media. He’ll explore what they are, how they drive some of today’s big names and what you need to do to play with them.

Drawing on his experience working with broadcasters and newspapers around the world make the leap from airwaves, paper and ink, into the digital space, he’ll share insights to help you prepare for the future.  Seminar participants are asked to bring a phone, tablet or device that connects to the Internet.

Following digital fads just holds you ransom to the latest ideas.  Understanding the dynamics of the digital ecosystem enable you to intelligently take advantage of what digital has to offer.

Like Jonathan to speak at your conference?

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